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Programs we offer:

  • Email Ninja

    Every month
    Harness the power of AI to deliver your clients value-based emails with LOCAL content!
    • Weekly Emails to Send Delivered To Your Inbox
  • Video Magnet Unlimited

    Every month
    Dominate your local market! We'll use the same strategies we used to reach 75k views/mo.
    • Weekly Example Video & Script
    • Unlimited Revisions
    • Premium Stock Footage
    • Royalty Free Music
    • Small Clips For Shorts and Reels
    • Custom Thumbnails
  • Just The Scripts

    Every month
    We'll send you exactly what to film every week.
    • Weekly Example Video
    • Weekly Script
  • Video Magnet

    Every month
    One video edited per month with weekly scripts
    • One video edited per month within 48 Hours
    • Copyright free music
    • Royalty free stock footage
    • Engaging text and transitions
    • Engaging text and transitions
    • Weekly Video Scripts
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